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What is the METATRACK ?

Developed by METADIAG Information’s own specialist staff, METATRACK is a brand that produces  R-D (researching and development) solutions based on continuous development and produces heavy vehicles (buses, trucks, tractors …) and machines for vehicles and telemetry systems of automobiles.

METATRACK, which makes a rapid entry into the vehicle tracking and vehicle telemetry systems sector, works with dedication to be the pioneer of the industry with its business partners and after sales support.

METATRACK adopts a service understanding principle based on customer needs and keeps customer satisfaction on concrete values.


Your car has data lines called Can line and your vehicle provides communication between its brains through these lines. METATRACK translates them to you by reading the data on the Can lines. When you log in to the system, your car will be able to access the data on the life line from the date of production.


Your car communicates with Canons on different lines (ECU) by sending data several times in milliseconds. METATRACK reads the data instantly and presents them either retrospectively or instantly. This allows you to follow brake pad wear from the brake pedal position to the foot pedal position.


You can send your car to different routes by seeing the instant traffic density in the system. In the system that offers road work as a warning to your screen, you get optimum performance as you save fuel as well as reduce inefficient working time and working time by preventing your vehicle from staying in traffic.


Many features are presented to you in the system integrated. One of these is the virtual display. You can open the display with a single click and view the instant display data here. The visual indicator includes speed (km / h), engine speed (rpm), temperature (c), fuel level (%) and Adblue fuel level (%).